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PTFE spiral-wrap sleeve

This spiral-wrap sleeve is used primarily for bundling cables and wires. Its spiral cut allows branching out from the main cable core or wire strand at any point. On top of that, PTFE offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures and most aggressive chemicals.

Product data sheet PDF
Technical Specifications
Propertieshigh chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, spiral-wrap sleeve
Operating temperature min.-67 °C
Operating temperature max.+260 °C
Diameter inside from (mm)1,6
Diameter inside up to (mm)150
Part nameBundling diameter
in mm
Inside diameter
in mm
Outside diameter
in mm
Wall thickness
in mm
GST-PTFE 1/16″2.0 – 12.0 mm1.63.20.76
GST-PTFE 1/8″3.5 – 25.0 mm3.24.70.76
GST-PTFE 3/16″5.0 – 50.0 mm4.76.40.76
GST-PTFE 1/4″7.0 – 63.0 mm6.47.90.76
GST-PTFE 5/16″8.0 – 76.0 mm7.99.50.76
GST-PTFE 7/16″12.0-100.0 mm11.112.70.76
GST-PTFE 9/16″16.0-120.0 mm14.315.80.76
GST-PTFE 11/16″19.0-150.0 mm17.519.10.76

BIT can also offer special non-standard sizes upon customer request.

What’s more, spiral-wrap sleeves can be dyed in several colors and manufactured from other fluoroplastics (like ETFE, FEP, and PFA).

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