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BP 105

BP 105

Polyolefin heat-shrink tube

BP 105 is flexible thin-wall heat-shrink tubing that lends itself particularly well to use in electrical and mechanical insulation tasks.


Product data sheet PDF
Technical Specifications
Propertiesflexible, halogen-free, thin-wall
Operating temperature min.-55 °C
Operating temperature max.105 °C
Diameter inside from (mm)1,20
Diameter inside up to (mm)101,60
clear / transparent
Shrink ratio2:1
Shrink temperature90 °C
TypeØ before shrinkageØ after shrinkageWall thickness after shrinkagePU (roll)
3/641.20 mm0.60 mm0.50 mm150 m
1/161.60 mm0.80 mm0.55 mm150 m
3/322.40 mm1.20 mm0.55 mm150 m
1/83.20 mm1.60 mm0.55 mm150 m
3/164.80 mm2.40 mm0.55 mm75 m
1/46.40 mm3.20 mm0.65 mm75 m
3/89.50 mm4.80 mm0.65 mm75 m
1/212.70 mm6.40 mm0.65 mm50 m
5/816.00 mm8.00 mm0.70 mm50 m
3/419.10 mm9.50 mm0.80 mm30 m
125.40 mm12.70 mm0.95 mm30 m
1 1/432.00 mm16.00 mm1.05 mm30 m
1 1/238.10 mm19.10 mm1.05 mm30 m
250.80 mm25.40 mm1.05 mm30 m
376.20 mm38.10 mm1.20 mm15 m
4101.60 mm50.80 mm1.25 mm15 m

Of course, we can have BP 105 cut and imprinted to your specifications.

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