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UL-approved silicone sleeve

BIS SI UL is highly flexible sleeving made from halogen-free silicone rubber. Due to its superior chemical and physical properties, it lends itself exceedingly well to a large number of different applications besides insulation.


Product data sheet PDF
Technical Specifications
Propertieshalogen-free, highly flexible, UL-certified
CertificationUL 224
Operating temperature min.-50 °C
Operating temperature max.200 °C
Diameter inside from (mm)0,80
Diameter inside up to (mm)18,00
Typeinside diameterWall thicknessPU (roll)
0.50 x0.400.50 mm0.40 mm200 m
0.80 x0.400.80 mm0.40 mm200 m
1.00 x0.401.00 mm0.40 mm200 m
1.50 x0.401.50 mm0.40 mm200 m
2.00 x0.402.00 mm0.40 mm200 m
2.50 x0.402.50 mm0.40 mm100 m
3.00 x0.403.00 mm0.40 mm100 m
3.50 x0.403.50 mm0.40 mm100 m
4.00 x0.404.00 mm0.40 mm100 m
5.00 x 0.605.00 mm0.60 mm100 m
6.00 x0.606.00 mm0.60 mm50 m
7.00 x0.707.00 mm0.70 mm50 m
8.00 x0.708.00 mm0.70 mm50 m
9.00 x0.709.00 mm0.70 mm50 m
10.00 x0.7010.00 mm0.70 mm50 m
12.00 x0.8012.00 mm0.80 mm50 m
14.00 x1.0014.00 mm1.00 mm50 m
16.00 x1.0016.00 mm1.00 mm50 m
18.00 x2.0018.00 mm2.00 mm25 m

Custom and special sizes available on request. Of course, we can have BIS SI UL cut to your specifications as well.

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