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Kabelbinder GTR


Releasable polyamide 6.6 cable ties

GTR are reusable thanks to an integrated quick-release mechanism that makes them ideal for temporary bundling or fastening tasks.

Product data sheet PDF
Technical Specifications
Material PA 6.6
Properties all-purpose, releasable and reusable
Operating temperature min. -40 °C
Operating temperature max. +85 °C
Length from 150 mm
Length up to 370 mm
Part name Nom. length Nom. width Max. bundling diameter Min. tensile strength
GTR-120HDC 150,0 mm 7.6 mm 35.0 mm 217 N
GTR-200HDC 200,0 mm 7.6 mm 50.0 mm 217 N
GTR-300HDC 300,0 mm 7.6 mm 80.0 mm 217 N
GTR-370HDC 370,0 mm 7.6 mm 102.0 mm 217 N


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